Thanks to

My sincere thanks and gratitude to people who support me throughout events and my work.


With respect to their works, I would like to introduce their sites below.

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01Akihiro Ichikawa

My Tsugaru Shamisen master's website (Ichikawa Association)

02Joji Hirota

He is recognised as the leading expert of Japanese drum.
I have collaborated with him at Japan Matsuri 2010.

03Hide Takemoto

Hidè is a talented Japanese classical guitarist and composer
with a unique and original style of performance and composition.
Hidè has co-written, performed and recorded with Hibiki with numerous occasions.

04Kaetsu Centre

Kaetsu Educational and Cultural Centre
This is where I have group lessons.

05Shamisen Berlin e.V.

They are the promoter of Tsugaru Shamisen in Berlin, Germany.

06Akari Mochizuki

She is the professional Japanese blues ‘ENKA’ singer in U.K.


She is a creater of my website, CD jackets and flyers.