Traditional Japanese Music Show & Workshop

What We Offer

  • A unique opportunity to experience the authentic sounds of traditional Japanese music performed by professional players
  • A workshop for students to play the instruments and get to know the history of Japanese music
  • A chance to talk to Japanese musicians and ask them about Japanese culture and Japanese life

Workshop Partner

  • Akari Mochizuki
  • Akari Mochizuki

    Professional Japanese Folk & Blues Singer

Akari is from Iwakuni in Yamaguchi prefecture. When she was 3 years old, she started singing enka (a variety of traditional Japanese music which often takes the form of sentimental ballads) thanks to the influence of her father, who was a great fan of the genre. Akari studied drama in Cambridge and modern music in London, before becoming established as a professional singer in 2009. She has performed as an enka and min’yo (Japanese folk music) singer for numerous occasions, including WOMAD 2010, Hyper Japan and Japan Matsuri.